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Stew's Paintball LLC is the areas only MOBILE PAINTBALL provider. Have your own place to play? Let us bring you a unique and exceptional paintball experience. We have all the gear to host your bachelor party, dorm or fraternity outing, youth group event, company outing or any other paintball event and we can do it for less! 

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Stew's Paintball sells products from a variety of companies, including Valken, GOG, Tippmann, Dangerous Power, GI Sportz, Empire, Sly, Guerilla, RAP4, ANS Gear, Nelson Paintball and others. If you are interested in a product and can't find it on our site, email us and we will see if we can beat listed prices for you! Most online retailers sell products above the Minimum Allowed Price (MAP), not us!
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Themed Paintball Scenarios

stews paintball flint mi Above: Rescuing a hostage from the Pirates of Somalia scenario.

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Featured Paintball Scenario

In this paintball scenario, several bombs are placed throughout the field. Your first task is to find these bombs and disable them; cut the wrong wire and you're covered with paint.
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