Grand Rapids, MI Paintball

Stew’s Paintball now has “low-impact” paintball available. This uses 50-caliber paintballs instead of 68-caliber (.50″ diameter instead of .68″ diameter). 50-cal paint hits with about 1/3 the force, and there is less mess! Currently limited to 18 players. Since the amount of rental packages are so limited, be sure to notify Stew as soon as possible if you would like 50-cal for your event.

Paintball Rental Packages

Pick-Up Rentals (48 hours, unless otherwise specified):

  • Deposit: $200 and a valid CC must be kept on file
  • Pick-Up rental packages include gun (with HPA tank), mask, and 500 paintballs.
  • 1-9 rentals: $40 ea.
  • 10+ rentals: $38 ea.

Mobile Paintball (we come to you):

  • Deposit: $150.
  • $1000 for up to 20 players (additional players at $40 each).
  • Mobile paintball package includes gun (with HPA tank), mask, and 500 paintballs.
  • 1 free $10 marker package upgrade per group.
  • Mileage charge applies. 40 round trip miles included, with additional round trip miles billed at $.90 each. (See the home page for our address.)

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  • Paintball Rental Package:

    This marker rental package includes 500 paintballs, a Tippmann FT-12 or GOG eNMEy paintball marker with standard hopper, mask with dual-pane thermal lens, and compressed air.


places to play paintball in grand blanc, michigan

  • Vest with Remote Line: $12

    Quantity Available: 3
    Sizes: All (please specify shirt size when ordering.)
    Vest Accessories include: zipper pouch, grenade pouch, 2 pods (paintball storage), and horizontal tank mount. Note: This is typically not available unless pre-ordered.

places to play paintball in flint, michigan

  • Inflatable Rental Items

    See our Flier or call/email for details!

    To reserve any of our rental packages or items, please contact us online or call (616) 566-6938!